Killarney Cycling Club

Community |
St. Mary's Parish Hall, St Anne's Rd, Moyeightragh, Killarney Co. Kerry |
Killarney Cycling Club (KCC) is one of the largest cycling clubs in Ireland with 210 members. It is affiliated to Cycling Ireland, the national governing body of cycling in Ireland. The club is governed in according with best practice and in line with the rules of Cycling Ireland. The clubs emphasises diversity and inclusiveness. It’s activities range from induction and coaching of children, to induction and coaching of older people with wish to get involved in cycling for the first time. It has active racing programmes in road, cyclocross, mountain-biking and other disciplines, along with organized leisure cycling catering for four levels. The initiative for which this application is being made – ‘Cycling Without Age’ – is a development of its ethos: to include older, immobile people.

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