Community Wellbeing Vision

To Kerry PPN Groups 

In the early part of 2020, the Kerry PPN started to undertake the development of a Community Wellbeing Vision for the county of Kerry, undertaking it Municipal District by Municipal District.

Fortunately, we just managed to complete all our consultation workshops in the different areas, when lockdown occurred due to COVID-19, where we all faced challenging unprecedented times.

It had been agreed at all meetings held throughout the County, that before I send out the draft to the wider community, it would be sent to those who attended the workshops in each Municipal District to first look over the document and see if it was a true reflection of what came up on the night and to add anything if they wished

This happened, and we were ready to move to the next phase until the pandemic put a halt to that

The Kerry PPN Secretariat felt that the community had enough information coming at them with regards to COVID-19, so we decided to step back and wait awhile.

We have now asked all the groups within the various Municipal Districts, to take time and have a look at the inputs that were highlighted at their workshop and if they wish to add anything to this list.

The submissions from each Municipal District have now been received and have been added to the information already gathered. All this has been examined by the PPN Secretariat and  a draft “Community Wellbeing” report will be circulated .The next step will be to produce a final Wellbeing Document agreed by all.


What is Community Wellbeing?

Although we often think about wellbeing in terms of good physical and mental health, it can also describe the wider conditions that we need as individuals and communities to have a better quality of life, healthier environment and increased prosperity.

Some of these are things that we can easily measure like the number of pre-school places, or the speed which an ambulance can get to a sick person.

Others are less easily measured such as our pride of place, our heritage and the way in which we look after each other.

All aspects of wellbeing are connected to each other. So, for example, if we have a poor natural environment, it will affect our mental and physical health, as well as our economy.

In other words, all parts of our community wellbeing are interconnected.

Considering all the aspects of community wellbeing together helps us to identify actions that can be undertaken by communities, alongside local and national government.

Kind regards,


Caroline Toal

Kerry Public Participation Network Development Officer