Kerry PPN Member Re-Registration 2019


Why Re-Register?

Re-Register Now – The current Kerry PPN database is now over 5 years old. Volunteers move on, emails and phone numbers change. In order to have the correct and up to date details, and in keeping with GDPR and best practice, all PPNs across the country are doing a re-registration of member groups. It is a simple process of confirming details are correct, letting us know if they are not, or changing the status of your membership.


When your group registered with Kerry PPN, two contacts were sought. One of these designated contacts has an official vote when required for elections or a significant decision. As Kerry PPN finishes its fifth year some committees have finished their terms and there are other natural vacancies. Nominations for vacant posts will be sought and elections will be held in the Autumn 2019. In preparation for that and as a general tidy-up of contacts we will be getting in touch asking you to Re-register. Contact will be made by email and/or letter and we will follow up with phone calls.

Groups that have registered in 2019 will NOT be asked to re- register.

Process of Re-Registration

1. Main Contact – We will make contact with the person we have listed as the Primary Contact for the group. This will be done within the three days 7th -9th August by email and/or letter. If you know your group is a registered member and you are the main contact but you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch.

2. Confirm the details – You will be shown the details of the group/s for which you are the main contact. You will be asked to confirm these individually. There are three options –

a) I am the primary contact and I confirm re-registration– you will be given the option to add any other details you want noted.

b) I am not the primary contact and cannot confirm re- registration – you will then be asked to confirm you have permission to give new contact details. If you don’t, just leave it and we’ll follow up by phone. Again, there is a place to add any other comments.

c) I am the primary contact and I confirm that the organisation no longer wishes to be a PPN Member– hopefully not too many of these! In this case, you can add any comments but have nothing further to do. Your group’s details will be removed from the Kerry PPN database.

In all cases, we will follow up where necessary.

Points to Remember

  • There may only be one contact for your group. Ideally, we should have two contacts.
  • If your group is contactable by email, it’s much better to have an email address for the group rather than a personal address. This means the group will still receive information even if a key role changes.
  • We may not have a postal address for you. If not, we need one and we ask that you include the Eircode.
  • Please make sure we have a postal address and double-check which Municipal District you are registered in. A small number of groups have an address in one but are registered in another. This may be valid, but we are asking you to check.

If you have any questions about re-registration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact: Phone 066 7183672
Caroline Toal (ext. 3672) or Eamon O’Keeffe (ext. 3277) Email:

Groups who are not shown on the current register on 1st August 2019 will NOT have a vote in the 2019 Elections

We look forward to getting the database re-organised, tidied and ready for Kerry PPN ELECTIONS 2019..