Woodlands Initiatives

There is a number of initiatives available to communities and to landowners and farmers to boost the creation of more native woodlands, and woodlands along waterways in Ireland.

Neighbourwood Scheme:
There will be a series of nationwide events to promote a scheme for establishing amenity woodlands  which are “close-to-home” woodlands developed through local partnerships for recreational use by local communities. The NeighbourWood Scheme forms part of DAFM’s Forestry Programme 2014-2020 and provides funding for local communities, local authorities and others to develop these woodland amenities. A total budget of €1.75m is being made available by the Minister’s Department with the aim of establishing up to 20 neighbourwood projects by the end of 2020.
An information event will be held on Thursday 15th November in Ballyseedy Woods near Tralee, Co. Kerry. More details at  Https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/press/pressreleases/2018/september/title,120624,en.html

Woodland Environmental Fund:

This is a ‘corporate social responsibility’ project – if a company wants to be associated with native woodland planting and all the environmental benefits that flow from that, they can link in with a particular farmer / landowner and add €1,000 / ha as a once-off payment for farmers and other private landowners to the grant & premiums available under the Native Woodland Establishment Scheme (which covers 100% of the cost of establishing native woodlands and also pays an annual premium to the landowner of up to €680 per hectare payable each year for 15 years).

The WEF is being run on a pilot basis until the end of the current National Forestry Programme 2014-2020 and the outcome of this pilot phase will be used to inform the design of the next Programme. DAFM has worked with a range of stakeholders on the design of the Fund including NewEra and Natural Capital Partners. More details on this available at

There is also the ‘Woodland for Water’ model of planting native trees alongside streams, rivers and lakes (depending on site appropriateness) available under the Native Woodland Establishment Scheme, where this exciting fund could also be applied, if an interested business were to partner with a local landowner. More details on the Woodlands for Water model available at:  https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/media/migration/forestry/grantandpremiumschemes/2018/WoodlandWaterLoRes06June18270618.pdf