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The Kerry PPN is the main link through which the Local Authority connects with the Environmental, Social Inclusion, Community and Voluntary Organisations and allows community participation in policy-making structures and committees of Council.

What is the Kerry Public Participation Network?

Kerry Public Participation Network has been established to enable people and community groups in Co Kerry to have a say on issues that concern them. These Public Participation Networks (PPNs) are structures for public engagement and participation in Local Government in each Local Authority area. Kerry Public Participation Network is also a Registered Charity. RCN  20204668


How does my group get involved?

Kerry Public Participation Network is the best way your group or community can become involved in shaping the future of Co Kerry. Membership of the PPN provides opportunities for better representation, networking, information sharing and input into policy development Read more

How do I register

Registration is easy. Simply click here and complete the Registration Form. There is no charge. Registered groups receive regular updates, information on funding opportunities and also benefit from the group insurance scheme.

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The Road Safety Authority have issued a simple checklist on how to prepare for Winter Driving and I would ask everyone to just take a few moments to read the tips below and be prepared.


Taking a number of simple precautions can ensure safety on Irish roads during winter. Don’t get caught out if severe weather hits, make the necessary checks on your vehicle now. There are a number of simple precautions the RSA advises for driving over the winter months:


  1. Get a Grip & Check your Tyres. They are your only contact with the road. Tyres should be at least the minimum legal thread depth of 1.6mm but need to be changed before they get this worn. Tyres need to be to the correct tyre pressure to give the motorist the best chance in extreme conditions.
  2. Check & Use your lights. As we come into the winter months, motorists are advised to use dipped head lights during the day so you are easily seen. Headlights and taillights should be in working order.
  3. Give yourself a ‘Brake. Know your braking distances. Ensure you know the stopping distance in different conditions such as rain, ice or snow.
  4. Keep a Safe Distance. It takes longer to stop a car during the winter weather so slow down and allow extra distance between you and the car in front. Watch out in particular for conditions such as fog or driving rain which can impede your vision and increase stopping distances.
  5. Make sure you can clearly see. All too often motorists do not de-fog or de-ice windows and mirrors which can compromise visibility. This winter ensure windows and mirrors are clear, and carry a de-icer and screen scraper. Never use boiling water as this can crack the windscreen. Be careful of the sun as its lower in the sky and the glare can be blinding particularly at junctions and roundabouts.
  6. Beware of “Black Ice. Black Ice is one of winter’s biggest hazards as it is difficult to see. Watch out for sheltered/ shaded areas on roads, under trees and near high walls.
  7. Be prepared. During these winter months it is advised that motorists carry a number of essentials in the boot of their car.
  • High visibility vest
  • Appropriate footwear in case you need to leave your vehicle e.g. boots
  • A hazard warning triangle
  • Spare wheel (Check that your spare wheel is in good condition and is fully inflated. Some cars may have an inflation repair kit instead of a spare wheel. Make sure that you know how to use it.)
  • Fully charged phone in case of emergencies.
  1. In the event of a breakdown. Drivers need to ensure their vehicle is well in off the road so as not to obstruct other vehicles. The driver should also put on their hazard warning lights.  If on a motorway section of road, pull over as far as you can onto the hard shoulder, leave your vehicle, get behind the barrier (on the embankment) and call the Gardaí, on their mobile phone or roadside telephone.
  2. Keep up to date. Listen to local weather and traffic reports. Pay heed to the weather warnings of unsafe and dangerous driving conditions.
  3. Slow Down. Speed is still the biggest killer on our roads and add speed to the winter weather conditions and you have a recipe for disaster.


If you want more information, check out the RSA’s website for more detailed advice on what to do if severe weather strikes.

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Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership are pleased to announce that funding has been secured for the promotion of and delivery of Sports Club Development.


Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership in partnership with Kerry County Council and Sport Ireland aims to help sports clubs develop a range of programmes and initiatives that will promote increased participation in sport and physical activity through these grants.


The goal of the Sports Club Grants is to improve the quality of training programmes and education as well as to increase participation in Sports Clubs. Any sports club applying for the Sports Club Grants is required to have potential for increasing participation in sport and physical activity.


There are four grants available for 2019:

  • Coach Education Fund for Women (to broaden the coaching base to include more women and to increase the number of women officiating and refereeing). Maximum grant €500.00
  • Club Start-Up Fund for Minority Sports (e.g. judo, basketball, camogie, badminton etc.).Maximum grant €500.00
  • School/Club Link Fund (targeting low-participation groups and disadvantaged populations). Maximum grant €500.00
  • Disability Provision Fund. Maximum grant €500.00


The closing date for applications is Monday, 2nd December 2019.  Qualifying criteria and application form

and any queries in relation to the grants, contact the Community Department on 066-7183680

Applications can be sent to KRSP Sports Club Grants, Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership, Kerry County Council, Tralee, County Kerry or emailed to info@kerryrecreationandsports.ie


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To all Kerry PPN Registered groups.

The Kerry PPN is now seeking nominations for positions onto Kerry County Councils Strategic Policy Committees.
There are 9 seats available on the Strategic Policy Committees for the Community / Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental pillars of the Kerry PPN.

The primary role of the Strategic Policy Committees is to assist Kerry County Council in the formulation, development and review of policy. The SPC arrangement harnesses the experience and expertise of relevant external bodies and enhance the overall role of Councillors by providing a platform for an input into policy formulation at an early stage.
It is essential that SPC’s will continue to have a function in other non-statutory policy fields such as:
Policy related to development of Work Programmes and the establishment of priorities for particular services.
Consideration of the needs of people with disabilities in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies.
The strategic monitoring of Local Authority services.
Integration of sustainability principles to particular services.
These Committees will not have power to decide or determine Council Policy; this power will continue to be a function of the Council acting as a Body. However, if the Strategic Policy Committee system is to work in a meaningful way, it will be important that the Council take full cognisance of the work of the Committees when deciding on policy matters.

  1. Economic Development , Enterprise and Community SPC –

       Community / voluntary seat

  1. Roads and Transportation and Marine SPC –

      Community / voluntary seat

  1. Environment, climate Change and Emergency Planning SPC –     

      Environmental / Conservation seat
     Social Inclusion seat

  1. Housing SPC

Community / Voluntary seat
      Social Inclusion seat

  1. Culture and Heritage and the Gaeltacht SPC

      Environmental / Conservation seat
      Social Inclusion seat
      Community / Voluntary seat

Thank you to all those who have sent in their nominations. These are now being verified and where there is more than one nomination,  elections to select the Pillar Representative will take place towards the end of the month.

All Groups will be given the details of those wishing to represent their Pillar in good time for the election. 

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.
Kind regards,

Caroline Toal
Kerry PPN Development Officer

Municipal Districts