Finuge /St Senans GAA Ladies Football Club

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C/O Cathy O'Sullivan Deerpark Lixnaw Co. Kerry | 086 3249057 |
The main objective of F/SS is to provide football, games and social inclusion activities to girls/women from U6 up to and including Gaelic for Mothers. Young girls/women of all ages are also encourages to keep active and fit through sports activities at ages where they there is a huge drop out from sports, U16+. We were formed mainly as a sporting outlet for mothers and local girls but we gathered momentum and gained some great players throughout the years. As our club is traditionally made up of Finuge GAA, St Senans GAA and Lixnaw GAA, lifetime friends are made within a group who would not normally socialise together. It helps mothers and others who are normally on a sidelines to feel included in the community as they are encouraged to take up the sport or to become active in the club. Girls, at all abilities and ages, are make to feel part of a club and belonging to something

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