Lios na gCraobh Residents Association

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9 Lios Na Gcraobh Annascaul Annascaul Kerry V92 Y959 |
Lios na gCraobh Residents Association can consist of households who own /are purchasing their houses or tenants of either the local authority Kerry County Council or An Cluid. Lios na gCraobh Residents Association is a group of local people, living in a housing estate that come together to promote and enhance the living environment of the area and to ensure that the area is well represented when dealing with local and statutory bodies. Address issues in the estate. Influence decision making. Undertake special community projects ie. Gardening initiatives, wildlife habitats, youth activities, social for all inclusiveness. Make request for improvement to the estate. Encourage recreational and social activities. Maintain and improve the local environment, opportunity to have a voice heard.

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