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Each individual TechSpace site offers an informal (planned and structured) atmosphere, designed to keep young people engaged and active. An individual computer or laptop is made available to every young person to work on, however, members are also free to use their own devices, whether PC, Mac, Linux, tablet or mobile. Each day the young people work on their own projects and get one-to-one assistance, guidance and support from the TechSpace Coordinator / Educator and volunteers. Young people work on both individual and group projects on themes chosen by the young people about issues that are important in their lives. Activites are designed based on the interests of the young people attending the 'TechSpace'. All young people can participate in our global education program, Adobe Youth Voices program and / or participate in wider STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and maths) such as robotics and electronics. Our trained educators are expert facilitators of youth development and learning. They support their program by recruiting volunteers with the expertise they need to run different activities and enhance what they can offer to their young people.

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