Tarbert Community Care Limited

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Chapel Street Tarbert Co. Kerry | denisoshea@yahoo.co.uk
We are here to help all age groups in our community and those of the neighbouring communities and all travelling groups of good intent. By way of making available the facilities of our centre. We operate on a strictly come first principle with booking arrangements We ask all users of the centre to abide at all times and in all circumstances the upholding of the laws of the state. Association and groups must produce a valid and uptodate insurance certificate when using the premises. Where children are concerned the necessary garda vetting documents must be provided. We the directors and volunteers who give of our time to run the centre are all voluntary and under our constitution cannot receive any imbursement for our services. We ask only that you who avail of our services will be considerate in your attitude to those at your service. We on our part are here to serve, for the benefit of all people who frequent the centre, and anyone here for the sake of personal prestigue are in the wrong place. The Centre is the property of the community we are but here to serve.

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